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A good trap sample pack is a must-have for any experienced trap beat maker. What is a good pack, exactly? It’s a collection that has everything you need to make a slapping beat, including upbeat flutes, ghostly chimes, ground-shattering drums, and chill synths. Every trap sample at Borivers Music online store has this and more. Download what you need and start producing some subwoofer-crushing tracks.

The best sample for trap you can find online

  • Purchase fire-hot samples from experienced producers.
  • Make a devastating beat for your drill tracks with our selection of kicks, snares, hi-hats, drum loops, and other instruments.
  • Get genre-specific sounds, including hard-hitting trap loop samples, mighty 808 drum kicks, resonating claps, wailing synths, powerful pads, and more!
  • If you want to get emotive, layer some low-key melodic elements through the beat to make it lyrical and trendy!
  • Huge gut-punching 808 kicks that stand out from the competition. After you take a look at our offer, you won’t need any other sub-bass elements for your track.
  • Evolved, modern trap sounds that are used by emerging artists seeking to redefine the genre. Stay fresh and relevant with our samples.
    Got stuck? Use our samples to break through the creative block and finish your production.
  • We have selected the best of the genre’s rich history and rolled it into our sample packs.

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