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Soundbanks for sale

Having a large collection of high-quality sounds at their fingertips is what every beatmaker, music producer, or film scorer needs. Buy expertly assembled soundbanks from Borivers Music online store and make the power of your music-making software limitless. The only thing that is better than our selection is our extremely low prices!

Get professional music presets for your DAW

  • Nothing beats having a variety of great melody and chord progressions, instrumental loops, and one-shots, sound FX carefully arranged and labeled for your ease of use.
  • Dominate the airwaves with your tracks and supercharge them with an insane variety of polished and processed sounds that you can get from our libraries. We offer you more than you need!
  • Build and cultivate the ultimate audio library with some of the best soundbanks you can find online.
  • Experiment all you want: use bass samples, synth cuts, and orchestral melodies in unorthodox ways, turn percussion into a lead instrument, and more.
  • Use individual samples or instrumental layers, add groove, energy, and ambiance to create impressive, impactful tracks.
  • Original, handcrafted sounds and samples that you won’t find someplace else. All elements are keyed and BPM labeled.
  • We have all the presets for various music-making software and popular DAWs.

Download soundbanks from Borivers Music and use them in creative ways to improve and speed up your production workflow. Become an expert music creator with a collection of unique, professionally recorded sounds that you can mix and layer in productions of any genre and style.