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Vocals sample packs for sale

Do you need a powerful, professional vocal sample for your track, video production, commercial, vlog, or podcast? You’ve come to the right place. Borivers Music online store offers an incredible selection of male and female acapella vocals, loops, voice samples, hooks, vocal melodies, shouts, chants, chorus, and more!

Buy the best vocal chops sample pack from Borivers Music

  • If you don’t have a world-famous choir on a speed dial, our voice samples pack is the next best thing available! Add premium-quality chorus, solos, or background vocals to your mix and create a perfect EDM anthem or a Hip-Hop banger.
  • Offered as royalty-free samples, vocals will help you boost your track views, stream counts, and downloads on all music platforms. We offer the highest quality sound, recorded by professional singers using the expertise of seasoned engineers.
  • Use our perfect-pitch female vocals samples for your Deep and Vocal House or Vocal Trance production or any other Vocal, Chill, or Melodic EDM subgenre.
  • All samples are performed by professional artists and recorded in studios using high-end musical equipment. We cover all genres from rap, indie rock, EDM to soul and acapella choirs.
  • Enjoy meaningful lyrical bits, deep, emotional tones, confident and catchy rap hooks, adlibs and spoken words, powerful shouts, and expertly crafted vocal FX.
  • Vocal samples fit different tempos for all popular styles of music and can be used in any DAW.

Choose and download a vocal sample from Borivers Music to add depth, rich flavor, and a full range of emotions to your track. Compared to many other sites, our prices are the most affordable and our selection is varied, providing you with many options.