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Techno sample packs for sale

Kickstart your next production with our incredible techno samples! Discover all the elements you need to create a fresh, minimal mid-tempo club banger at Borivers Music online store. We’ve got the right selection, the right price, and, of course, some of the best professionally engineered samples currently on the market.

What’s inside techno beat samples at Borivers Music?

  • If you are a curious music maker and enjoy experimenting with sound, you’d be pleased to find out what our samples for techno music have to offer.
  • Packs contain every building block you need to make that pulsating, textured electronic sound.
  • We have stunning vocals, heavy drones, vibrating synths, sophisticated basslines, loops for all kinds of electronic and analog instruments, punchy kicks, and hi-hats.
  • Inspired by the leading names in the genre, our sound libraries can be explored to create tracks ranging from Hard Techno and Rave to Deep and Melodic subgenres.
  • Download and drop any sample into your DAW of choice!

Are you are a budding producer, beatmaker, DJ, or electronic music aficionado? Buy techno samples from Borivers Music and enjoy the quality and the wide range of options we offer. Use our samples as a starting point for your music-making and see where they take you!