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Best Tech House samples for sale

Browse through some of the best tech house sample packs at Borivers Music online store. All our sound collections have been crafted by experts in the electronic music industry. Combine our expertise and production skills with your vision and artistic talent and created chart-topping Tech House tracks with ease!

Discover fresh tech house samples at Borivers Music

  • We offer cutting-edge musical elements for the blended Techno/House genre.
  • Get wailing, resonating analog synths, glitched vocals, deep, pulsating dark rhythms, machine-gun-like drums, and percussion loops. Mix them to build trance-inducing atmospheric music spaces for clubs and home parties.
  • We have some of the toughest sounding tech house beats and loops, and rich, immersive sub-sonic basslines.
  • Created at the meeting point of Techno and House genres, our sound libraries will be a perfect match for your techno, house, or even trap production.
  • Download any pack and use it with your favorite DAW. It’s 100% compatible!

Take a look at our tech house sample packs and buy the ones you like most. We at Borivers Music work hard to offer you the best quality sound for the lowest price. We strive to make your experience creating music as enjoyable as possible!