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One-shots sample pack for sale

Are you tired of searching all over the Internet for quality one-shots samples? Take a look at a fine selection of samples that Borivers Music online store has to offer. Use these sounds, recorded in a controlled environment and crafted by experienced producers, to bring your music-making to the next level. Digital and analog instrumental one-shots will be a great fit for your track, whether it’s a Deep House or a Hip-Hop production.

Buy the best one-shots from Borivers Music

  • Enjoy professionally recorded sounds of synths, drums, snares, guitars, bass, and other instruments, processed and raw.
  • One-shot packs include “unlooped” samples, ranging from analog drums and percussion instruments of all sizes (from snares to toms), orchestra hits, foley, and ambient sounds to 100% digitally created audio bits. Apply techniques like stretching and chopping to mold them into anything you want.
  • Use our sample packs to assemble 99% of your future tracks. They are versatile and offer a variety of sounds that can be used in different genres from EDM to Trap or complement a live recording.
  • Drag and drop audio files into your favorite music-making software seconds after downloading.
  • The price is so low, it’s almost free!

Download one-shots samples from Borivers Music. Whether you are looking for punchy drum one-shots, cosmic synths, aggressive guitar riffs, foley sounds, or musical phrases, you can find all of them here. Use them to assemble the basic elements of your track or add finishing touches. Everything you buy is royalty-free and yours forever.