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Lofi sample packs for sale

Lofi beats are all the rage now. Millions of people listen to them to relax and study, and a lot of producers are looking into the genre. A good lofi sample can make or break your track. At Borivers Music you can buy and download amazing samples for your next lofi hip-hop or lofi house production.

Best sound collection for lofi music producers

  • We offer some great samples for lofi if you are looking for musical ideas and inspiration.
  • Comprehensive lofi toolkits with plenty of drum loops and one-shots, samples, MIDI files, and melody loops.
  • Instruments and melodic elements that go far beyond the essentials.
  • Trendy samples that will make your production popular even with the most sophisticated lofi music communities.
  • Selection of vintage and modern pre-processed and analog sounds to better fit the mood of your track.
  • Professionally recorded real-life sounds like ocean waves, river streams, rain, and city sounds to layer your lofi tracks and create the perfect ambiance.
  • Get the crispest, cleanest, most professional sound design and enjoy our low, affordable prices.
  • Use our packs as your best starting point if that’s your first experience with the lofi genre.

Find that perfect lofi sample you have been looking for at Borivers Music online store. Enjoy the top-quality sound and reasonable prices!