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Best FX sample packs for sale

Great FX sample packs work like a Swiss Army knife for music producers, beatmakers, film, and video game score composers. Buy affordable sound effects from Borivers Music online store to make all your tracks sound more polished and dramatic.

Enrich your production with sound effects libraries

  • Use a wide range of pre-designed sound FX to create the best movie trailer scores, video game cut scenes, or Pop, Hip-Hop, and EDM tracks.
  • Hard-hitting impact samples, whooshes, foley effects, and sounds of nature like soothing raindrops or thunder strikes rolling in the mountains.
  • We offer one of the best professional-grade sound effects collections available online, including samples of explosions, crashes, futuristic space and science fiction sounds, and more!
  • Layer the beat with atmospheric noise, sweet transitions, glitchy and distorted loops, reverses, nerve-wracking alarms, risers, and spooky hits to give a unique flavor to your music production.
  • Download and drop into your favorite DAW instantly.

Order any FX sample packs that you like from Borivers Music and enjoy top-notch quality, incredible sound variety, and low prices. We provide the ultimate library SFX solution for all audio and other media professionals.