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Flute sample packs for sale

Woodwind instruments can make any music production sound classy. With incredible flute sample packs from Borivers Music online store, you can create mystical soundscapes, enchanting film scores, and even turn that trap drop into a platinum-worthy aural sensation.

Explore the magic of flutes with Borivers Music

  • Buy any flute sample you like for an affordable price and enjoy top-grade analog sound recording made in a controlled environment.
  • We offer you a stunning assortment of classical and ethnic instruments from Europe, China, Arabia, and India.
  • Get inspired by the sound of wood flutes and whistles, including cheery loops, one-shot flutters, trills, bright staccatos, melodic phrases, and more!
  • Use our amazing samples to create any style of recording, from Ambient and Orchestral to Dubstep, Deep House, or Hip-Hop and Trap.
  • Add warmth, refinement, and subtlety to your track with atmospheric, rich in harmonics, meditative, and uplifting flutes.
  • Audio files are compatible with any DAW software.

Download professionally produced flute sample packs from Borivers Music. We offer crystal clear recordings made by some of the best musicians, assembled and arranged for your convenience by qualified sound engineers. Loop, chop, and process our samples any way you like — the possibilities are endless!