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Bass drop samples for sale

Great bass samples can save even a mediocre track. Being second only to the beats, it is the bass that makes music enjoyable. Browse through the fine collection of bass sounds at Borivers online music store and find samples that fit perfectly with your favorite genre and individual artistic expression.

Buy the best bass sample pack from Borivers Music

  • Get the best sub bass samples available online for extremely low prices.
  • We offer a great selection ranging from heavily modulated synth bass to pure analog acoustic bass.
  • Our libraries contain professionally recorded instruments, expertly mastered and assembled into packs by experienced sound engineers.
  • Use rich bass guitar samples and cult analog synths to create music ranging from Indie rock and Funk to D’n’B and other electronic music genres.
  • Combine the exquisite low-end sounds you need with other instruments and create tracks worthy of topping the charts.
  • If you are looking for live bass line samples or dirty synth bass loops, you can find them here.
  • Every pack is designed to work with your DAW of choice. We offer royalty-free sounds.

Download bass samples from Borivers Music and use them to make a foundation for your next hit track. We always have a great selection of sounds for seasoned professionals and amateur producers alike.