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Bass House samples

Looking for the right kind of bass house sample pack to create the ultimate genre-defying party banger? You’ve come to the right place. At Borivers Music online store we offer everything a music producer might need to combine the rhythmic beat of House music with the heaviness of Dubstep and UK Garage.

Buy your perfect bass house sample at Borivers Music

  • We offer professionally recorded and processed samples for the lowest prices on the market.
  • Heavy distortion elements that will add flavor and craziness to your sound.
  • Distinctive, wub-wub-wubby low end and synth patterns.
  • The aggressive and menacing sounds of Dubstep mixed with the classic groove of House music.
  • Includes rich kicks, snares, high hats on the half-beat, heavy, distorted Sine waves, and plucks.
  • Create that famous pumping bassline with a quiet thud and smooth sub-bass frequencies that make people vibe.
  • With a lot of free samples out there most people put out mediocre tracks. Use our sound library to make a stand-out track!
  • If you want to make functional, fun party anthems, our packs are your best choice!
  • Ready-made for your favorite DAW.

Download a bass house sample pack you like from Borivers Music online store. Create some crazy, oozy, menacing, tweaky, and fun basslines for your next project, and get that party started!