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Hey! Do you want to download samples for music?

Check out what we have: sets of cool author’s samples for music tracks, sound design,
voice acting, effects, advertising and many other creative purposes.
Borivers Music store creates compositions which will help your work soar
to the top ratings and charts and get the highest jury marks.

Most hype music samples

Sound is a universal language. It must be readable and evoke the right emotions on different continents. If you are a sound designer, producer, artist and creative person you need to be understood and appreciated by the audience. audio loops from Borivers Music will help your works sound expressive, original and memorable in New York and Tokyo, Amsterdam and Paris. We create relevant and recognizable sound packs with which your art will break into the top ratings.
How do Borivers Music team manage to create cool sample packs? We have been creating beats and samples for over 10 years. The “recipe” for the quality of our product is:

  • Understanding trends
  • Take the brightest and most hype compositions
  • Add author’s features to make it sound like nothing else before

We study the American and European music scenes: hip-hop, techno, trap, even ambient and experimental music to find unique harmonies and combinations. We listened to fresh tracks from Jay-Z and Brian Eno, Nicolas Jaar, Sad Boys crew. We analyze the most hype creations from different generations and genres and disassemble into details. What comes out of this? Our audio loops are used by artists from the USA, Australia, UK, Netherlands – almost all over the world. We are not going to praise – just listen.
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Producer sound kits of any complexity and with a full license

As an artist, sound designer or producer, you will need both simple sound packs such as “drums, piano” and multi-level sound packs with percussion, acoustics and effects. Borivers Music store has what you need. In our sets you will find versatile samples with tempos from 60 to 180bpm.

Buying samples from us, you have complete creative freedom. You can edit tracks as you like, use sample packs in creative and commercial works. Downloading a set from our site is as easy as shelling pears. Choose – listen – download – and in 5 seconds the archive is in your email. Borivers Music team will create unique sets according to your reference. Write to us on social networks or by email, tell us about your ideas, and we will make an author’s pack of compositions for you.

Borivers Music team create samples for famous artists from Europe. In addition to ready-made compositions, author’s tracks are always available to order. Contact us via email or social media to know more.
At our store you will find the best beats, samples and instrumental parts for songs, ads, sound design, voice acting and creativity. We offer original, catchy and hype compositions for musicians, artists, producers and sound designers.

– Author: Borivers Music