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Rock drum sample packs for sale

At the heart of every great rock song is a great drum sound.
You can find some of the best rock drum samples at Borivers Music online store.
Download them and enjoy making your music.
Our samples rock!
Rock Drum Kits

Rock drum kit samples for different genres

  • Are you a drummer? Add some of our snares, kicks, and other drum machine samples to your individual drum recording.
  • We offer samples that contain acoustic drum kits recorded in a limited environment.
  • Listen to our loops collections for inspiration and ideas.
  • Reproduce the style and sound of your favorite rock band in your track.
  • Whether you want the hip indie rock kick, the funky 70s classic, or the punchy and chaotic Metal kick drum or other genres, we got you covered.
  • We have analog and artificial sounds that cover any style from Led Zeppelin to Imagine Dragons, including furious thrash metal sound patterns and the greatest Hard Rock beats, loops and one-shots.
  • Download a sample, launch it in your drum replacer software and create the musical arrangement you want!

Shop at Borivers Music to get the best deal

  • We offer rock drum kit samples ranging from naturally sounding kicks and snares to heavily processed, colorful, and textured sounds.
  • Every rock drum sample is offered at a low price, helping you bring down the production costs.
  • All the packs provide professional, crisp, and clean sounds that will make any producer proud of his work.


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