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Piano sample packs for sale

Piano sample packs are the main building blocks for your tracks. Carefully arranged chords and swells can lift the melody and create a mood that will stay with your audience. Borivers Music online store offers you a comprehensive collection of electric and analog piano samples at the most affordable prices.

Get a piano loops sample pack for your next hit

  • Buy and start producing right away — all samples come in the WAV format and are compatible with your favorite DAW. Just drag, drop, chop, stretch and mix.
  • Use some of the best multi-layered piano loops, raw and processed sounds that are not limited to a single genre.
  • Every piano keys sample pack is recorded by professional musicians, processed, and assembled by sound engineers with years of experience. High quality is guaranteed.
  • Select from dozens of bass lines, chord progressions, or entire piano melodies to create the most recognizable and memorable parts for your track.
  • Every piano chords sample pack offers rich sound textures, impactful melodies, bouncy lines, atmospheric and intensive piano parts. You’d be surprised what kinds of sounds can come out of this classical instrument!
  • Get inspired by immortal bluesy and funky electric piano riffs, groovy jazz licks, and other vintage keyboard sounds.
  • Browse through a selection of atmospheric, ambient, saturated lo-fi, or melancholic vibes for your indie music production.

It’s time to put some keys in your production! Download piano sample packs from Borivers Music and create emotional, haunting, moody, or uplifting tracks. Your stylistic choices are endless.