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Online Mastering services

High-quality mastering service online

Mastering is an essential stage of any music project bringing it to distribution quality. We, at Borivers Music, clearly understand the importance of delivering a professional online mastering service that allows our customers to get perfectly mastered, distribution-ready tracks. Therefore, we provide you with our best sound engineers with extensive experience who will process and polish your track until it becomes perfect. Our track mastering online is available for all artists and all music genres and styles.

Communication is a key part of the whole song mastering process. Thus, feel free to tell us your preferences and desires in detail to let our engineers clearly understand what you want to get. Moreover, you can order our professional mixing service for your composition.

Superior mastering service online for our customers

Entrusting mastering album to our competent sound engineers allows you to bring a fresh and professional look to your music. Ordering our online mastering audio you will get:

  • High-end equipment.
  • Skilled mastering audio engineers.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Fast customer support service.

Delivering exceptional online mastering we want you to sound the best!


Mixing Engineers



How to send you an audio for online mastering?

You should send us your audio via email in a compressed format (zip, rar etc.) in the form of separate audio tracks, because for higher efficiency we do stem mastering.

How long does stem mastering take?

  • The process of working on one audio takes from one to one and a half days.
  • The process of working on an album can take from one to two weeks.

How is payment provided?

We send you a card of product, where you can find the amount of advance payment. Then you add it to your basket and provide your payment. The same procedure repeats with the remaining amount of your payment. This is done for your and our safety.

How to save an audio (music tracks) for mastering?

  • Save your audio in separate tracks
  • There shouldn’t be anything except automation on mastering channel
  • Formats of saving: Wav 24-32 bit in 48 kHz
  • In case you don’t understand how to do it, feel free to contact us (you can give us information on your DAW and we will send you an instruction in details)

Is the quality getting worse, when you send a track over the Internet?

Don’t worry, your tracks in the end will be on the streaming services and in order the quality not to become poor we use particular saving formats.


1 – 3 Songs

$70 per song

4 – 6 Songs

$50 per song

7 – 10 Songs

$40 per song

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    Phone: +38 (068) 008-84-32
    Mail: borivers.cooperation@gmail.com