There are hundreds of free metal kick drum samples you can find online, but they often lack creativity or quality. The best of them get overused, making most productions sound the same. Do you want to break the mold and make a name for yourself on the Metal Scene?

Take a look at our metal drum sample packs. They offer variety, top sound quality, and musical inspiration you have been looking for. Whether you prefer to go all-digital or mix samples with studio-recorded instruments, our packs can help you create headbang and mosh-pit-worthy tracks in the vein of Old School and Modern Metal hits.

Authentic Sounding Metal Drum Kit Samples

Every metal sample pack on the list is mix-ready and has high-quality drum sounds full of punch and attack.

God “Metal Drum Kicks”

If you are looking for modern metal drum samples, check out this pack. It can become a decent starter for your sound library, or add variety and aggression even to a large collection of drums.

  • If you don’t yet have a drummer or a drum set, use this collection as a perfect learning opportunity.
  • Professional musicians will benefit from kicks that can cut through the track with clarity, punch, and presence without overwhelming the rest of your mix.

This metal sample kit contains:

  • 50+ Kick Drum One Shots

Astral “Metal Drum Samples”

Make the heavens shudder with these hell-raising heavy metal drums samples. This pack is not called Astral for no reason. You’ll be surprised that these sounds have been created and compiled on Earth. Our heavy metal drum loops and one-shots are not for the faint of heart.

This metal sample kit contains:

  • 35+ Drum Loops (Stems included)
  • 50+ Drum One Shots
  • 13 Drum Fills

DEATH STARS “Heavy Metal Drums Samples”

Looking for high-quality black metal drum loops to experiment with your sound? Machine-gun drums? Extreme brutality, intensity, and complex sound patterns? Check out the DEATH STARS pack that has everything that the fans of extreme subgenres of heavy metal will love with passion.

This metal sample kit contains:

  • 30+ Drum Loops (Stems included)
  • 40+ Drum One Shots
  • 15 Drum Fills

Zodiac “Metal Drum Kit Samples”

If you are an experienced musician and are feeling underwhelmed by black metal drum samples you got from other sources, take a look at the Zodiac pack. Kicks, hats, snares, crashes, toms, percussion, you name it. It has everything a true metal veteran like you needs. Get awesome-sounding drums for the lowest price you can find online.

This metal sample kit contains:

  • 30+ Drum Loops (Stems included)
  • 60+ Drum One Shots
  • 20 Drum Fills


Don’t know where to start? Are you looking to expand your musical horizons and get the largest set of tools possible? Choose as many sample packs as you like, or get them all in a single DOOM bundle.

  • DOOM Bundle contains God, Astral, DEATH STARS, and Zodiac sample packs and comes with a deep discount!
  • Get brutal and break the limits with our ultimate collection of metal drum samples.
  • Unleash the beast with a powerful and defined sound of drums that would fit most metal genres, from Classic to Alternative.

These are the best metal drum samples you can find online without breaking your budget. With just a few clicks, lock, load, and fire away!

Let’s Metal!

If you are looking for premium metal drum samples, download them from Borivers Music online store. 100% original product, recorded and processed by professional musicians and sound engineers. Royalty-free and works with your favorite digital audio workstation and drum-replacer plugins.


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