LOVELY – Premium Hip-Hop Sample Pack (1700+ Sounds in Total)

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“Easily Make Beats That Get Placements With 1,700+ Hit Loops, Samples & MIDIs”

  • The only sample pack you’ll need to finally produce placement-worthy beats
  • Bring your beats up to industry-standard so top artists start lining up to work with you
  • ​Skyrocket your beat sales by producing the hottest beats on the market
  • 1,700+ hit-worthy loops, samples & MIDI – The rarest combo of quantity and quality (2.0GB total)
  • ​Destroy beat block once and for all by having infinite inspiration at your fingertips
  • Everything is 100% royalty/copyright-free so you’ll keep all the profits from your future hits

The Trush Is, Most Sample Packs Are Trash.

That’s because they’re created by mediocre, no-name producers and sound designers…

Trying to make a quick buck by fluffing them up with filler sounds, cookie-cutter loops and poorly processed samples.

We were tired of seeing beatmakers invest their hard-earned money into these low-quality packs…

Only to be left wondering why they still weren’t getting plays, recognition or beat sales.

So, our in-house team of pro beatmakers, sound designers, mixing engineers and theory experts…

Worked around the clock for an entire year with the single goal of creating the greatest sample pack specifically for beatmakers.

And let’s just say, our goal was accomplished.

Introducing: LOVELY – Premium Hip Hop Sample Pack

The only sample pack you’ll need to finally produce placement-worthy beats.
It’s absolutely everything you could ever need as a beatmaker to:

  • Produce beats that sell like wildfire
  • Command the attention of top artists
  • And never get beat block again

You’ll get over 1,700 hit-worthy melody loops, drum loops, individual samples, 808s, one-shots, fx, atmospheres and more.

We genuinely believe that once producers like you get their hands on this pack, future anthems will be made!

LOVELY | Premium Hip Hop Sample Pack will help you kickstart your creative process making you feel inspired and motivated to create the next Hip Hop HIT. LOVELY is a crazy Pack for every producer from beginners to professionals. This pack contains all the essentials that are necessary to catch up with the 2022 Rap trends.

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Instead, choose your preferred payment option and secure your very own copy now.

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➕Are presets and samples royalty-free?

All of the samples, loops, and presets are 100% royalty-free.

➕How Long Does This Offer Last?

This offer is available for a very limited time. Once it’s gone it’s gone forever. Make sure to get your copy before it’s too late.

➕This Deal Sounds A Little Too Good To Be True. Is There A Catch?

There’s no catch! I’ve made it a mission of mine to provide artists with the best resources possible and to help them succeed in their career.
That’s why I make crazy samples like these so we end up working together for many years to come.

➕When will I get my purchased items?

Instantly. Once you successfully check out, we will redirect you to your order summary page. That’s where you can download your purchased packs immediately.

➕Will LOVELY Sample Pack be difficult to use?

LOVELY – Premium Hip-Hop Sample Pack is super simple and easy to use. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, we’ve made it dead-easy for you and set you up for instant results. Just download your copy, load it up into your DAW and start producing placement worthy beats. And since all the stems for the loops are included, you can have fun customizing everything to your exact taste.

➕Does it matter what genre I produce?

LOVELY – Premium Hip-Hop Sample Pack covers different beatmaking genres. So whether you’re into producing dark & aggressive beats, UK drill beats, Latin beats, new wave beats, west coast beats or anything else, you’re good. The beauty of having access to all beatmaking genres is you’ll have all the tools you need to produce a hit beat for any artist in the game.

➕Any Other Questions?

If you have any questions send an email to



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