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Exclusive Beats For Sale

Looking for ways to buy a beat? Look no further!Borivers online store offers you the best deals on Exclusive Beats for all genres.

Exclusive Rap Beats and more

✔ One beat for one buyer, with an exclusive license.✔ After you purchase a beat, it’s no longer sold. 100% unique sound, guaranteed.✔ Full range of styles, including R&B, trap, rap, hip-hop, and drill beats.✔ Beats inspired by current and popular trends.Get an exclusive rap beat for your track and sound like your favorite artist.

Dozens of resources for music producers available online. Thousands of free sample packs. Countless hours spent looking for the beat that would excite you. Perfect beats found: zero.

Going the paid route? Professionally produced samples are pricey. Top artists can afford an army of sound engineers, songwriters, and session musicians. Emerging talents? No dice.

Producing songs can become so expensive that you won’t have any funds left for promotion.
Is there an option for rising artists to create unique, top-quality sound and make a name for themselves without breaking the budget? Yes, and it’s called Borivers Music.

Buy Cheap Exclusive Beats from Borivers Music

  • No need to scavenge through thousands of free samples. We offer the lowest prices for custom-made beats you can find online.
  • Rap? Techno? Lo-Fi? Trap? Choose any genre you like, we’ve got you covered. Seasoned music producers and sound engineers will work on your beat until it reaches perfection.
  • One beat. One buyer. You receive exclusive rights once you complete the purchase. Untagged, unique, high-quality. Yours.

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Visit Borivers Music online store and discover catchy, popular beat styles that are at the forefront of the music industry.

5 Easy Steps To Get Your Perfect Beat

  1. Provide us with a short description of your project, including Genre, Mood, BPM.
  2. Get free proposals from our seasoned professionals.
  3. Choose the ones that you like the most.
  4. Receive exclusive rights for the beats after payment.
  5. Get your delivery that includes high-quality untagged MP3, WAV files, and WAV trackouts.



    What kind of beats can I buy from Borivers Music?

    Our professionals can work with any music genre. The most popular requests include EDM samples and rap beats for sale, exclusive.

    Do I need to sign any contracts?

    If you buy beats online exclusive rights are granted right after checkout. Take a look at our exclusive agreement before deciding to make a payment.

    When do I need to pay?

    After providing us with your project description, you will receive several free proposals. We will discuss all the details, requests, and music ideas with you. If you agree to move forward, you will make a 50% advance payment. You can pay the rest when the beats are ready.

    What payment options do you provide?

    You can choose between Visa, Mastercard, or Payoneer.

    Getting exclusive, custom-made beats that can fit any genre has never been so easy. We at Borivers Music are doing our best to help your passion and artistic growth. With us, you can always count on top-quality beats created by professionals and 24/7 customer support.

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    Phone: +38 (068) 008-84-32
    Mail: borivers.cooperation@gmail.com