Emotional Cinematic Adventure Trailer




Calm Background Piano with power drums is a deep and dramatic royalty free music background soundtrack for documentary video projects and short films. Perfect for historical media project, cinema trailers, TV Broadcast, emotional projects such as film score, soundtrack, emotional videos, slideshows, lonely and thoughtful moments, underscore and every kind of project that needs a gentle cinematic background.

About this track

This track features 4 versions. Extended version (2:09) Main (1:15) Short version (0:51) Short version 2 (0:38)

▪Created: 25 march 2021
▪Looped Audio: Yes
▪Audio Files Included: MP3, WAV
▪Bit Rate: 320
▪Sample Rate: 16-Bit Stereo, 44.1 kHz
▪Main Track Length: 2:09
▪Additional Track Lengths: 2:09, 1:15, 0:51, 0:38
▪Composer: Borivers
▪Tempo (BPM) 160




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