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There’s no music production without a good snares sample pack.
Yes, it’s usually the kick that makes people dance, but there’s no groove without a brazen snare.
Find a sample pack that fits your needs at Borivers Music online store.
We offer premium quality packs at reasonable prices. Download and see for yourself!

Buy a quality snare drum sample pack from Borivers Music

  • Browse through an incredible collection of snare one-shots and loops, suitable for hip-hop and trap.
  • Get some of the best snares inspired by the heavy-hitting household names and rising stars of pop and hip-hop scenes.
  • Balance your beats with both raw and heavily processed snares that sound warm, dirty, gritty, or snazzy.
  • Inject a “human element” into your synth beats with snares recorded using live instruments.
  • Use heavily processed, warped drum machine-like sounds to create out-of-the-earth soundscapes.
  • Sounds that fit any genre and type of music production: analog, modern trap, EDM, dubstep, classic 80’s snares, and more!

snare samples pack

download-808-sampleBorivers Music provides an extensive collection of snares.
Get a snares sample pack you need and enjoy its versatility and top-tier sound quality!