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Snaps sample pack for sale

Good snap samples can liven up your music production. Getting a quality sample pack from Borivers Music online store is as easy as snapping your fingers.
All sound packs are offered at a low price. Buy the one you like, download, drag and drop into your DAW. Start mixing the goods!

Get the best finger snaps sample from Borivers Music

  • All snaps are recorded using quality high-end equipment, including a wide range of microphones.
  • Packs contain different timbres and tones that you can use to create a variety of moods.
  • We offer raw and processed single snaps, stomps, thumps, and sound loops for your convenience.
  • Make your breaks emotional — pull at your audiences’ heartstrings and create some enjoyable, memorable melodic moments.
  • We are all about variety: mono and stereo options, plus slowed down and sped up snaps.
  • Our quality finger snap samples can add a “human touch” to your drum and percussion grooves.
  • Easy-to-use file format, compatible with your favorite DAW.

Download snap samples from Borivers Music and add some acoustic sophistication to your beats and breaks.
Use your favorite samples to create the best tracks. It’s pure snap magic!