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Best percussion samples for sale

You’ve probably already spent hours looking for a place to download a percussion sample pack from.
You have tried free samples but weren’t satisfied with the experience.
You considered paid options but they were out of your budget.
Do you need some high-quality percussive shots for your production? Look no further.
At Borivers Music online store you can get some of the best samples on the market for a very low price.
percussion samples

Supercharge your music production with our packs

  • Unique ethnic sounds recorded with instruments from different cultures.
  • Create a trendy rhythm with a tabla loop or a crisp tambourine sample.
  • Apply a wide range of BPM, styles, and instruments: shakers, bongos, tambourines, rim shots, toms, and everything else you need.
  • Use analog-recorded percussion to breathe the human element into your EDM tracks and create a groove on steroids.
  • We have everything from simple loops to sophisticated multi-layered rhythms.
  • Our sound packs can be used with any style of music production.

Being a music producer doesn’t have to be expensive.
Buy a percussion sample pack from Borivers Music and get the best bang for your buck.