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Tired of looking around for good kick samples? Choosing a kick drum can make or break your song.
Do you have a hard time finding the right kick for your hip-hop, EDM, trap, or techno banger?
Download some of the best kick samples from Borivers Music online store and supercharge that bass!
You can always count on our low prices and helpful customer service.

The right kick is what drives your track and makes the crowd go crazy

  • Buy and download short and punchy kicks for your minimal or dubstep track.
  • Select dirty, low-hitting, booming kicks for the next great hip-hop anthem.
  • Opt for long 808 kicks if you are making a trap production.
  • Enjoy a wide selection from tight to sub-heavy kicks for trance music.
  • Apply the full range of kicks from famous EDM music producers.
  • Choose a complete collection that would fit any music genre, if you’re a versatile beatmaker.

kick drum

Our sample packs are created and curated by professional DJs and experienced music producers.
Kicks are the most important part of modern music from EDM to hip-hop and pop.
Invest in the right samples to make your production sound on par with the top performers in your niche.

Get your favorite kicks sample packs from Borivers Music online store. Unlock the true potential of your music with our great kick samples!