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Do you want to download funk drum kit samples?
Check out our catalog at Borivers Music store. Here you can find funky drums for your songs, sound design, voiceover and more.
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Funk drum loops: how they differ from classic drum parts

The funk genre was invented in the USA in the mid 60s, as a combination of soul, jazz and blues.
In funky percussion parts, syncopation predominates – a shift of emphasis from a strong beat to a weak beat,
which creates a syncopated rhythm – a kind of uneven stress.
Also in funky drum kits you will notice

  1. Rudiments – drum roll,
  2. Hi-hat openings.
  3. Ghost notes are notes that are quieter and played in between normal notes.
  4. This technique makes the composition more dynamic and the rhythmic pattern more varied.

Also, the funky drum part is characterized by linear patterns.
In funky drum loops, expressive hi-hats are one of the most important sources of sound.
You can listen to examples in the most famous funky drum parts in history, The Meters – “Cissy Strut” or James Brown – “Funky Drummer”.
Funk-style drums are suitable for hip-hop, jazz, experimental music, electronic compositions.
Especially if you love dynamic compositions and are not afraid to experiment in art and creative works.

Borivers Music we make ingenious funky drum samples

Modern music often has a reference – several tracks or artists that the author was inspired by.
For creating funk drum loops, we use as reference the works of the kings of the genre:
Harvey Mason, Melvin Parker, Stanley Randolph, and other ingenious drummers.
In addition, Borivers Music creates the author’s beats and samples.
We learn from the best, take the most catchy and hype rhythms, and add new sounds and unique combinations.
Our funk drum kit samples are used by musicians, artists, sound designers, beatmakers and producers around the world.
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