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Best clap samples for sale

Are you curious to discover some of the hottest clap samples on the market? Take a look at our sample packs.
At Borivers Music online store we offer professionally recorded and mastered clap one-shots and loops at amazingly low prices.
Buy them and start layering your tracks with our platinum-quality samples!

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Buy hand clap samples from Borivers Music

  • Best clap samples for use in your pop, hip-hop, and EDM production.
  • Expand your sound library with an incredible variety of high-quality claps.
  • Anything you need: wide, muffled, loud, harsh, high, low, dry, wet, soft, bouncy, reverb claps, plus snare and clap mixes.
  • Make your unique music with our aggressive, punchy slap claps for trap production and heavily processed EDM-style singles and loops.
  • Find a claps sample pack for your favorite EDM genre from Classic Dance, Electro, House, and Trance to Hardstyle and D’n’B.
  • Short and crisp claps followed by longer and denser sound variants.
  • Extra crisp, clear short claps for trap, R’n’B, and hip-hop.
  • Crafted by experienced artists and sound engineers, compatible with your favorite DAW.

download-808-sampleDownload this goldmine of clap samples to give your music production the dynamics it needs to become a hit.
Each clap will add more color, warmth, and punch to your track!