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Looking for powerful drum loops samples?

The Borivers Music beat shop has some cool drum samples. Driving and fast, sensual and rhythmic – drum sets for sound designers, beatmakers and producers, with whom tracks and creative works sound really powerful and hype.

The drum part is the basis of the track. If the drums are rhythmic, harmonious and powerful – track catches from the first seconds. This rule is applicable to many genres: hip-hop, techno, trance, r’n’b and many others. Cool drum part = cool beat, everything is simple, and at the same time, creating an expressive, harmonious and rhythmic composition is the most difficult thing in beatmaking. But we already did it for you and wrote the best drum kit samples ever.
Borivers Music team create drum sample packs and beats for American and European audiences. Our team makes rhythms for songs, games, advertisements and creative works.

At Borivers Music Store you will find the best beats, samples and instrumental parts for songs, ads, sound design, voice acting and creativity. We offer original, catchy and hype compositions for musicians, artists, producers and sound designers. In addition to ready-made compositions, author’s tracks are always available to order. Contact us via email or social media to know more.

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Best drum loops for any genre of music

Do you create techno? We have special rhythms for the dance floor with 120-140bpm. Doing hard trap? For you there are drum samples packs with a darker and more aggressive mood. Also in the Borivers Music store you will find the best drum loops for classical hip-hop and New School, for Hardstyle and other musical styles. We offer collections of samples drum kits – in each pack you will find 15 (or how many) samples of different complexity and mood.

The most hyped drum loops samples like top artists

Do you like the drum parts on Lil Uzi Vert tracks? Maybe you prefer electronic music like Diplo or Skrillex? With drum sample loops, the beatmakers of Borivers Music take apart the top beats on the iTunes charts. We take the most hype and trendy songs, analyze their special parts, revise and add unique features from Borivers Music. Voila – you get original and recognizable drum kit sample packs.
We also offer samples of various complexity. In the pack you will find both simple rhythms like “clap-clap-bass-high-hat” and multi-level compositions on several tracks.

Download best drum kit samples in 5 minutes and create outstanding art

Downloading a beat from store Borivers Music is simple.

  • choose a product by category and genre
  • listen
  • download.

On average, the process for our clients takes 5 minutes. You with receive an archive with files via mail. And then you can enjoy full creative freedom. You can embed drum sample loops into your tracks, use them as samples and edit. After purchasing the rights belong to you, you can make music, advertising, voice acting for a video or game.

Borivers Music: we help talent fly into trends

Talented musicians, producers, artists and creatives from around the world order drum kit sample packs from Borivers Music Store.
Listen for yourself and see the quality. And also – subscribe to our social. networks and soundcloud, there are many reviews and fresh materials.

– Author: Borivers Music