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Download pop beats for songs, ads and creative works

If you are looking for pop rap beats for creativity – you’ve come to the right place.
You can download the most hype beats in Borivers Music store. We have both slow lyrical rhythms and explosive compositions for the dance floor.
The copyright is 100% reserved for you. You can use beats for your tracks, you can “cut” and make samples, commercial works, games or create artwork.

For a hype track – the best pop music beats

What attracts listeners so much in the tracks of Drake, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber? From the first seconds, our ears perceive not the text,
but the beat – the volume, rhythm, mood, harmony of effects and instrumental parts.
The Borivers Music team creates pop beat for sale which will help your creativity break into the top ratings and charts.
We analyze current hits on the pop scene and use the most trending works of the kings of the genre as references.
If you want your work to sound like Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift or The Weeknd – download beats from us.

Buy pop beats on Borivers Music – only original and author’s product

Do you want to sound expressive? To be remembered and recognized?
We will help you to create a cool author’s style. Contact us via email or social media and we will create unique beats for your ideas.
These will be 100% original compositions that will help your creativity rise to the first places.
The Borivers Music team is always ready to create unique copyright pop rap beats for you.
Just write to us by email or social media, tell your idea or send a reference.

You can listen to ready-made beats before downloading and evaluate the quality.
Let’s just say pop instrumental beats from Borivers Music store are used by artists, musicians and creative people from the USA and Europe, Canada, Australia and the UK.
We create not just sounds and rhythms, but a universal language that shakes listeners around the globe.
It doesn’t matter where your audience is – in Paris or Los Angeles – with our pop music beats your art will break all ratings and charts.
At Borivers Music you will find beats in different moods and tempos.

  • Close to classic hip-hop at 60-100bpm
  • With House elements at 115-130bpm
  • Close to Future bass and Electronica – 140-160bpm

In Borivers Music you can load explosive and driving beats as well as chill, measured or lyrical beats. Simple and layered, Choose, listen, download.