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Royalty free music from Borivers

Royalty Free Music library shop – its best stock music from Borivers studio, here you can pick up beats for Rappers, Singers and Artists,
find sample packs for producers and beatmakers, background music for video makers and editors, write the best turnkey music, and master tracks.
Thanks to the availability of Beats, Sample Packs and Royalty free music hold on our service, you will be able to:

  • create your best Rap Song;
  • create your best Commercial Music Hit;
  • create your best Electronic Music Hit;
  • create your best Video or Movie project.

In addition, we are professionally engaged in creating music of various genres, you can choose music of any genre from us.
Including romantic, sad, energy and inspirational.

Where you can use our music

The range of use our musical compositions is infinitely wide! These can be bought:

  • Streaming services;
  • TV programs;
  • Radio rotation;
  • Use as part of online videos;
  • Use on websites;
  • Various presentations;
  • Promotions;
  • Download online-video.

Why it is better to contact us

If you have conceived a large-scale project and you need to buy background music for this,
then you can use the services of a qualified composer, but this is too expensive.
To insert music without permission means to receive huge fines.
You can also buy the best compositions for every taste, make your project a winning one, eliminating unnecessary financial costs!
Music royalty free – your step into a perfect future! Music royalty free – your best friend in the world of music!
We are approached by talented representatives of music from around the world

We are constantly improving the number of services provided, we do everything to make you satisfied with our creativity!

Royalty Free

No Royalty must be paid! No one owns the copyright.

Unique Music

Every material created uniquely by producers

High Quality

All the material saved in 24-bit/48kHz Sample Rate

Trylovskoho 29
Lviv, 79007, Ukraine
Phone: +38 (068) 008-84-32
Mail: jastpromo@gmail.com