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Royalty-free Samples, Beats and Presets.Make music with Borivers.

Top-quality Samples

Finest selection of samples and instrumentalsfor amateur and professional musicians,beatmakers, producers, and DJs.

Banging Beats

Blow up the charts with our catchy, trendy, and uniquebeats that will be a perfect match for yourlyrics, flow, and swagger.

Ableton Live


Fruity Loops


Logic Pro




Pro Tools


Presets For Your DAW

Supercharge your music production with our qualitypresets — you'll be surprised what yourdigital audio workstation can do!

Take It To The Next Level

Use our professional sound library to build a foundationfor your success in the music industry.Get inspired, get creative, and get famous!

Royalty Free

No Royalty must be paid! No one owns the copyright.

Unique Music

Every material created uniquely by producers

High Quality

All the material saved in 24-bit/48kHz Sample Rate

Borivers Music is a company made by producers, for artists.

Whether you are a performer, beatmaker, DJ, instrumentalist, or music producer.
Just getting started or already carving out a niche for yourself.
We know your struggles, challenges, and limitations.
We want you to make it big in the music industry.
We are here to help your passion and growth.

Borivers Music offers:

  • Flawless sound design: samples, packs, and presets created by top-tier engineers and music producers.
  • Incredible selection of royalty-free instrumentals, beats, loops and one-shots, presets, and sound FX.
  • The lowest prices possible.
  • Unique samples that will make your tracks stand out from the crowd.
  • Inspiration and fresh ideas from the big names and emerging talents of the industry.
  • Multi-genre appeal: we cover all styles of music, from EDM to hip-hop.
  • Friendly and competent 24/7 customer support.

Produce genre music, film scores, soundtracks for commercials, and more!
Download, drag and drop files into your favorite DAW or beat-making software.
Royalty-free and yours forever.

Miami, 33101, USA
Phone: +38 (068) 008-84-32
Mail: borivers.cooperation@gmail.com